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28 Weeks

28w0dThe big highlight/development of this week has been increased baby movement. She's definitely getting wigglier. Sometimes I can feel from the outside that a body part is pressing outward, but I'm not sure yet what part it could be. We went to the "Complications" class required by our birth center. It was mostly not very helpful to me because the premise of Hypnobabies is focusing on the positive, so most of it was outside my bubble of peace. Also, I trust the midwives, so if they tell me … [Read more...]

Meet Stella

On Saturday, we welcomed a new addition to our family: Estelle, or more commonly "Stella." She's a lot smaller than we expected, weighing in at around 100 pounds. We think she could probably stand to gain another 20 or so.She's a 5 year old English Mastiff, who had been discarded by a breeder once she got too old. She does not currently have any terminal illnesses, unlike her predecessor (Yes! Heartworm free!).She's very sweet, but somewhat skittish still. She's terrified of bikes; when they … [Read more...]

27 Weeks

This week, I've definitely been noticing how pregnant I look. I go out to do errands and think about how other people are categorizing me as a pregnant woman. It's kind of weird/fun. I did a glucose test at my last appointment, and they took a lot of blood to test for different things. All the results were good! We only have two weeks left of our Hypnobabies class. I've been feeling calm, confident and positive when I think about my birthing time later this summer. … [Read more...]

Growing More than Just Babies

Raspberry bushes in the backyard. We planted three little tiny plants two years ago. Now look what we have! The three peony bushes that were here when we moved in. I just put cages around them the other day. Every year, I wait too long to put the cages on and then it's hard work because the plants have grown so tall.  Vegetables! I planted 6 tomato plants of three different varieties. I also planted jalapeno, habanero, and bell peppers. Hopefully, we'll get more to harvest without Margo's help. … [Read more...]

I Can’t Sew a Straight Line

But that didn't stop me from trying to make a knitting needle holder/organizer for a good friend's birthday. I used this tutorial from DesignSponge. I bought some green twill tape, but reused some leftover fabric from one of Big Margo's beds. I wanted to use a thick fabric so the needles wouldn't poke through.I just followed the tutorial as best I could. I ripped out a couple of seams and bent a few pins trying to get through so many layers.The end result is pretty crooked and uneven but full of … [Read more...]