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32 Weeks

 32w0dThis week I felt some Braxton-Hicks practice contractions for the first time. It was just like my stomach/uterus got super tight all of a sudden and hard, like I was flexing a muscle. Then it went away quickly. Other than that, all is going well. We're feeling like it's getting closer, less than two months now!   We were in Dallas visiting my parents for all of this week. So we snapped a few pictures in my parents front yard. Including a sappy little heart on the belly shot. And Phil even … [Read more...]

Summertime Goals: Updated

After school finished, I posted two lists of goals and tasks for the summer, here and here.  At the time it seemed like May would never end and summer would last forever. Now, suddenly, I find it's almost June. I had what seemed to be a stress dream the other night about not being ready for the baby. So I thought I'd go over the lists again and note my progress and maybe reprioritize.Outdoors:-Pick up sticks from front yard. This could be an eternal, ongoing task, but I did do it.-Remove front … [Read more...]

31 Weeks

31w1dAt 31 weeks, we were headed from Minneapolis to Dallas in a pick-up truck with the heat stuck on. It was loud with the windows down and incredibly sweaty. My arms got sunburned.But we stopped to pose with a few bison. And to get ice cream shakes at Braums. And we made several bathroom stops, of course.I'm as big as a buffalo! … [Read more...]

From Texas to Spring Cleaning to Shutterfly

This post is sponsored by Shutterfly. I was received free product, but all opinions are my own. Phil and I just flew home tonight from a week in Dallas, TX. We left Minneapolis last Friday evening in Brunner (the truck I drove all through high school, named after my favorite hockey player at the time, Jamie Langenbrunner) and pulled up at my parent's house Saturday evening. It was a long hot trip, since Brunner decided to not only have no air conditioning (which I totally could have dealt with) … [Read more...]

Baby Shower!

The first weekend in June, my friends Laura and Maureen hosted a wonderful baby shower for me! We had mint-orange punch and raspberry lemonade, cake pops, rice krispy pops, lots of onesie cookies, fruit, and more. It was quite a spread. The decorations matched the nursery colors, bright oranges and blues, with some pink of course. I love the fluffy pom-poms. And of course, the awesome diaper cake. I've declared that this orange cordury stuffed aardvark will be the baby's … [Read more...]