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The Basics

I don't have a perfectly designed and styled and finished nursery. I haven't hand-sewn a quilt or anything for that matter. I haven't finished a DIY project. But we have the basics ready for the baby.First, a pack and play with a bassinet. I scored this from a garage sale for $15. I was so excited that weekend. I'd gotten up early just to go to one sale that had advertised lots of baby stuff including a pack and play, but the pack and play had already been swooped up by another pregnant lady … [Read more...]

37 Weeks

37w1dThe baby is officially full term now! We have midwife appointments every week from here on out. At our last one, the midwife said to me, "Feel that?" I thought it was the baby's bottom, but it turned out that my whole uterus was rock hard due to a Braxton Hicks contraction. Apparently, I've been getting them all the time, only I don't feel anything at all. Now that I'm paying more attention, I do get them a lot.  I've still been sleeping well and feeling good. This week, my hands have … [Read more...]

The Birthing Bag: A Beginning

Packing a bag to take to the birth center has begun!I've started a list on our kitchen wall, adding to it whenever I think of something. A lot of the items can't really be packed until the last minute. But we have a few things in the bag now.First, bendable straws! For encouraging me to drink lots of water and making it easy for me to take a sip or not in between pressure waves.   Second, a very important item, a Summer Shandy beer for me. I've been waiting all summer for that little can of … [Read more...]

Mary, Mary, Quite Contrary

How does your garden grow?With lots of weeds and little careAnd four raspberries all in a row.  … [Read more...]

36 Weeks

36w3dI looked at these pictures after Phil took them last night and marveled at how far my stomach sticks out now. I remember back at 29 weeks, when I thought I looked so pregnant.Ha. I've definitely started getting comments about the bump. Nothing too incredibly offensive, but really I find them all offensive. Even when someone says I look fantastic, what they really mean is that I'm not as large as other pregnant women they've seen or known. But I think those other pregnant women looked … [Read more...]