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Jaye rolled over from front to back 3 times today! The first time I think it startled her because I heard her crying and went over to her mat to find her on her back when I'd left her on her stomach. Later after a nap she rolled over while I wasn't looking again! I put her back on her stomach, turned around to get the camera, but by the time I turned back, Jaye was lying on her back again! … [Read more...]

Daddy Time

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Jaye and I went to BYOB, bring your own baby, yoga for the first time yesterday morning.Jaye was really alert and interested in all the new sounds and other babies. I think she had fun. … [Read more...]


Videoing a wiggly baby under a play gym is a little bit tricky! … [Read more...]

A Day in the Life of Jaye at 6 Weeks

7:00- Jaye starts grunting and fussing. Phil changes her diaper and brings her back to bed to snuggle and nurse. Phil leaves for work.8:00- Jaye is sleeping but I get up to eat breakfast (cinnamon raisin toast with peanut butter and a glass of Bolthouse vanilla chai protein drink). Jaye is still asleep so I hurry around to get some things done. Start a load of laundry. Asleep. Quick! Wash a few dishes. Still asleep. Sweep and mop the living room! Amazing. 9:00- Jaye's awake and hungry. I get my … [Read more...]