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A Pumpkin Photoshoot or 100 Photos of a Baby in a Pumpkin

Phil came home from work the other day and asked, "How was your day?" I replied, "Great. I put the baby in a pumpkin and took a hundred pictures!" And here they all are: I'd seen this picture on Pinterest and decided to try it myself when I got an email from Kristin about her annual pumpkin carving party. Jaye was not a big fan of the idea on the evening of the party. But at home the next morning, she warmed up to her new "Bumbo" seat. Here are some of the highlights:  "What am I … [Read more...]

A Morning Conversation

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Playing Her Song

Click me! I'm a video! … [Read more...]

Project Night

Sometimes Phil and Jaye go to Project Night. Jaye's a big help. Here she is with her Uncles Chris and Joe working on a ping pong ball shooter. … [Read more...]

Sneezes and Yawns and Baby Noises

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