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In the past few days, Jaye has switched from gnawing on her fist to definite thumb sucking with her cute little fingers curled around her nose. It's pretty cute. … [Read more...]

We are in the airport waiting to fly to Indiana for a week of Thanksgiving fun, food, and family. Of course, in all the fuss not to forget to pack part of Jaye's nighttime routine, we forgot a copy of her birth certificate. Luckily, they let us fly this time, but, before we return in a week, we have to come up with a proof of age for Jaye. Any ideas? Does anyone have a key to our house? … [Read more...]

… [Read more...]

The past few days, Jaye has been trying and trying to roll from her back to her stomach. She arches her back and rolls over onto her side, but she can't figure out how to get over her arm. She's so cute and strong and determined. She'll get it one of these days. She hasn't been rolling from front to back as often as she used to. I think she's just happier staying on her stomach and looking around now that she can hold herself up so much better. … [Read more...]

Just Like Daddy

Ballcap, thermal shirt, sweatpants, and crazy socks. Just like Daddy. … [Read more...]