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Pink Hats are Awesome

Jaye got an adorable pink hat from my friend Linda for Christmas. It was so adorable that as soon as it arrived in the mail, it required a photo session. … [Read more...]

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Laugh Track to Roughhousing

On Sunday, while I was out shopping with Laura, Phil informed me that he and Jaye had been roughhousing on the bed. It involved lots of growling and pretending to pounce on her. So tonight while Jaye and I were waiting for Phil to come home, we gave it a shot. As it turns out, it also involves lots of giggles.(This is really meant to be a sound clip, not a video. I was trying to hold the video and tickle the baby at the same time). My sweet, sweet Jaye. She's been feeling a little under the … [Read more...]

Deck the Halls

We did not put up a Christmas tree this year. *Gasp. Our house is feeling so small and cluttered right now, and the idea of doing the tree seemed stressful. Plus, we'll be in Dallas for 6 days for Christmas itself. Next year we'll go all out decorating, and Jaye will actually be aware of what's happening.But here's what we have done to decorate. I made a Christmas card garland. Easy peasy. String ribbon up. Clothespin the Christmas cards you get to the ribbon. I found tiny red clothespins at a … [Read more...]