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Packing Plan: Changing the Default

As we thought about packing up the contents of our home over breakfast this morning, Phil and I decided to change/reverse the usual approach.  Usually, you'd assume that you were bringing everything you owned, but maybe leave out a few things you didn't really use anymore.  Instead, we're going to assume that everything is not coming with us and only bring those things we do actually need.  For example, we have several little drawers of extra pencils and free pens from different places. Do we … [Read more...]

Starting Daycare

Jaye started daycare this past week. On Tuesday, I dropped her off for a test run of just two hours before leaving her on Thursday for the "real deal" during my class. Tuesday's drop off went pretty well. She seemed happy laying on the floor with new toys when I left.And tiny. Look how little and tiny and sweet my little girl is. When I came back (after wandering the mall and buying new makeup to take my mind of my baby), Jaye's teacher told me she'd cried as soon as she realized I was gone and … [Read more...]

First Shoulder-Ride

Jaye's first ride on Daddy's shoulders.  … [Read more...]

Nursery: Library Cart Bookshelf

Nursery: Library Cart Bookshelf

While Phil and I were still dating, I fell in love with rolling library carts. I really wanted one. So, for Christmas one year, Phil made me one!  I wanted to use it in Jaye's room and decided to both paint and stain it to match the two-tone look of her crib. So I bought a little sander at Home Depot and went to town on it in the basement. Once it was all sanded, I wiped away all the sanding dust and started staining. The staining was the hardest, and least successful part of the … [Read more...]

Sitting Up!

Jaye can sit up! All by herself!  Unsupported! No pillows!No hands!For about 30 seconds. … [Read more...]