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Houston, We Have Liftoff!

Baby Jaye is on the move! She's been wiggling and moving a little bit for the past week, but today, she just really took off after two of her favorite things: The magazine Momma is reading and the warning tag on the cord of her sound machine. Both items she's not supposed to play with, thus the extra motivation. She's so awesome it makes me laugh! … [Read more...]

The Quest: Oatcakes

For a long time, Phil and I have had this idea of something that would be delicious to eat. We call them oatcakes. We weren't sure they existed anywhere. They'd be a cross between a muffin and a cookie and a scone. Dense, but not too dense. Hearty, good for breakfast. Adaptable to lots of different flavors. Once we saw something that looked about right at the co-op in Bloomington, Indiana, but we didn't buy it and eat it (I'm not sure why? We should have!)A few weeks ago, I started trying … [Read more...]

Dear Jaye

I love cuddling you in the morning. You'll stop nursing for a moment, reach up and grab my face and just beam. Sometimes you even giggle. I love seeing how happy you are because you've found me. I love your falling to sleep noise. You makes this repeating, decreasing croak sometimes when you are falling asleep, usually in the car or the stroller. It's like you are slowly running out of batteries.   … [Read more...]


Phil had Monday off for President's Day, so we decided to head to the aquarium at the Mall of America. Jaye had a lot of fun chewing on the lanyard my membership ID was attached to. It's hard to tell what she's looking at, but I think she liked the jellyfish. And we introduced her to our favorite fish, the arapaima. I think Phil might have pictures of that on his iPhone, but for now, I just have this picture. … [Read more...]

Jaye has been learning how to move where she wants more and more every day. It's crazy! … [Read more...]