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From Jaye’s first library trip a few weeks ago.

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Two Weeks

I'll be done with law school in two weeks. Until then I'll be here. Or here. … [Read more...]

Life Update

We're looking at a busy next few months for our household. Big picture: I'll be graduating from law school; we'll become landlords for the first time; we'll become Texans; we'll celebrate Jaye's first year of life. Of course, there are a lot of little steps to get us to those four biggies. This weekend: I have my second to last class in law school ever. It's my last real class because my last class is a pizza party. After class, we'll jet down to Northfield for the rest of the day. Our … [Read more...]

Jaye and Mirror Jaye

My current favorite video. Jaye had a hilarious time standing up by the mirror last weekend. … [Read more...]

The Quest: Bubble Tea 1

I've started a new cooking quest. (Read about my earlier quests: chai shortbread cookies and oatcakes.) This time, I've set out to create bubble tea at home that's just as good as what I love to buy from tea shops.  I love bubble tea. Jaye loves bubble tea, too. My current favorite is an Oolong milk tea from Chatime, a new tea shop at the Mall of America.It's incredible. I try to watch to see how they make it, but I don't know what their ingredients are. I asked how it was sweetened, and they … [Read more...]