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Accidental Stay-At-Home Mom

Two days old. So here's the deal. When Jaye was born, I accidentally became a stay at home mom. I've never wanted to stay at home full-time. When I was pregnant, I used to worry that I'd change my mind and want to become a stay at home mom. Phil would reassure me that if I changed my mind, I'd want to stay at home, so I'd be happy doing it. But it wasn't much reassurance. One month old. I feel like staying at home full time just doesn't fit with my personality. The … [Read more...]

Watch Out World

Here comes Jaye! On foot! Walking!Jaye has started taking a few steps in the last week. If you set her out a few feet in front of you, she'll toddle back into your arms. It's pretty much the cutest thing ever. She falls sometimes, but it doesn't seem to bother her. I think 7 or 8 steps is her record. Sometimes she stops and claps for herself. She's always so happy and proud and grins and grins. … [Read more...]

Jaye in Texas

Jaye's first week in Texas has been a big one: first standing alone, first steps, first ear infection, first swim, first time living in Texas. The day we left Minneapolis, Jaye stood by herself for a few seconds and even took one tiny (falling forward) step. Every day since, she's gotten better and better. When we arrived at my parents' house, a wagon was waiting for her, specifically the Radio Flyer Classic Walker Wagon , which I'd ordered from because they had a sweet sale … [Read more...]

Moving Week and Moving Weak

Oh my goodness. The last two weeks have been crazy. On Tuesday, June 12, the moving van showed up at our little house in Minneapolis. The movers got everything loaded up in just a few hours. Hiring movers was DEFINITELY the right choice. We sat in the backyard with Jaye while they took care of everything. Wednesday, Jaye went to daycare for the last time, Phil wrapped up a few things at work, and I cleaned the house from top to bottom like a maniac. By Wednesday night, Jaye and I were … [Read more...]

New Home

… [Read more...]