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T.V. Stand Transformation

Shortly after we moved in, I went hunting for a media stand. I knew it needed to be taller than our last one, so that Jaye wouldn't be able to reach as well. I also wanted closed storage for the same baby thwarting reason. I considered an awesome mid century modern dresser, but all the ones I could find on Craigslist or in antique/thrift shops were out of my budget (usually between $400-500). On a trip out to an antique mall, I found this beauty/horrid thing. I made it fit in the back of the … [Read more...]


Phil and I went to the fanciest grocery store in town this afternoon, a Whole Foods down the highway a few miles from us. Jaye got to drive the grocery cart and eat some samples. She enjoyed driving. It was so cute. She also loved looking at everything and everyone. So curious! … [Read more...]

MIA this week due to:

… [Read more...]

Jaye’s 1st Birthday: Mississippi River Invitation

Jaye's first birthday party is going to have a Mississippi River theme in honor of her middle name. The first birthday is really my best chance at choosing an awesome theme that I like without the input of a toddler or kid. You can check out the Mississippi River themed party mood board here. But the first step to an awesome party is inviting the guests! So I used photoshop to make some Mississippi River invitations. I started with this picture that I'd found online somewhere. I googled all … [Read more...]

Jaye’s New Love

Jaye has begun a love affair with her stuffed animals. She adores them. When you give her one, she grins so big and squeezes it so hard. She has three favorites: Marisa the pink cat, Sergei the orange aardvark (from her monthly photos) and Page the purple pony. They are all the Jellycat Cordy Roy brand because I love them so much too. A stuffed animal keeps her so much happier in the car than any other toy. She just chews on the cat's tail or ears and jabbers to them. It's so … [Read more...]