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Jaye wrestles

The other night, Jaye and Phil had fun wrestling on the kitchen floor. Phil would twitch suddenly every time she "got" him, which, as you can see in the left picture, made her giggle. … [Read more...]

Welcome to Real Life Notes!

Wait, where am I? If you were looking for Nokoikonomia or Minikonomia, don't worry, you're still in the right place. If you weren't looking for either of those blogs, you've found my new awesome blog! I'm Jill: I'm a mama. I'm obsessed with bubble tea. I'm always thinking about home decor and ways to make my household operate more smoothly. I love English Mastiffs, but I'm not a dog-lover in general. I am the conqueror of Settlers of Catan. What's with the new blog? We recently … [Read more...]

DFW in Review: Dallas Children’s Museum

When my sister in law Rachel and her little ones were in town, we discovered the Dallas Children's Museum hiding in the basement of the Science Place. One of the rooms was full of foam shapes and things to crawl on. It was limited to just babies, so no crazy "big kids" (like 3 yr olds) to knock Jaye over accidentally. Jaye liked it. The next room had a nature theme. There were tanks with lizards, a puzzle that Benjamin (3) enjoyed working on, and an ant tunnel to crawl through. Jaye's … [Read more...]

Growing a Scent

There's a new friend in our backyard-a jasmine plant! When we were at Home Depot a few weekends ago, we walked past some jasmine plants. The smell wafted past my nose and immediately compelled (literally forced, I could not resist) me to put a pot in our cart. I've never grown a jasmine before, but it's one of my very favorite scents. I planted it near the backdoor hoping the scent will waft past each time I open the backdoor (I would then waste a lot of cool air just opening and closing the … [Read more...]

Pop over to my main blog, Nokoikonomia, for more pictures of our weekend. … [Read more...]