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HOHOHO! A Santa Figurine Makeover

I found these tacky little porcelain Santa figurines at a thrift shop and decided to give them an uplift. I brought them home, spread them out on a cardboard box in the backyard and gave them a good coat of white spray primer. Then I used a shiny white acrylic paint from Michaels and brushed on two coats. I like the shiny, snowy sheen it gives them. White spray paint would have been faster, but I was working with what I had on hand already. Once they dried, they joined my Christmas tree … [Read more...]

Nightstands: From Drab to Fab

Okay, it's been a long time since I first showed you this mood board for our bedroom. But the gray and yellow bedroom that Phil promised me for my birthday is now done. Or close enough that I'm calling it done. So I'm back today to share how I turned two dark, gloomy nightstands from the Salvation Army into light, cheery, fun nightstands for our bedroom. When my mom and I went to Salvation Army to buy dressers for my younger sisters (check out Lucy's Comic Book dresser!), we ended up with two … [Read more...]

Dadda is the best because

Dadda and Jaye like to play a little crazy in the evenings. Mama likes to watch and laugh at how ridiculous Phil looks. And swoon over what a great man I married. … [Read more...]

Twelve! Twelve! Twelve!

If you hadn't noticed, today's date is 12-12-12. That's three twelves in a row. So today's post is sponsored by the letter R and the number 12. Hahahaha. Re-read the above in the voice of The Count from Sesame Street. Because that's how I was saying it as I wrote it. Twelve Random Things 1. I created a new watermark for my photos. I like it better than just text because it carries the "note" theme through the blog because it's a note tag. 2. Jaye got a balloon at the mall last … [Read more...]

Our Hypnobabies Natural Birth Story

Recently our Hypnobabies instructor asked for the link to my birth story, and I couldn't find it on the blog. So here it is. Our Hypnobabies natural birth story. Jaye was born at a birth center in St. Paul, MN (Health Foundations). It was a natural water birth, and it was amazing. We used Hypnobabies for all our birth preparation, and I honestly have never thought of my birth experience as painful. THE BEGINNING My birth story (and Jaye's too) began on Wednesday, August 3, 2011 with … [Read more...]