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Texas Bar Exam Giveaway

If you're reading this, I'm currently taking the Texas Bar Exam. I arrived in Ft. Worth Monday evening. I'll be staying in a hotel room until the end of the exam Thursday. I unpacked my clothes, pictures of Jaye, and SmartWater--think that will help me pass? :-) I've got my computer and ziplock bag with the important stuff ready. But there's one last important thing to do! While I was out studying last week, I saw this awesome Starbucks gift card design and just had to buy one. So in … [Read more...]



Dear Jaye, You are so much fun to be around. We love playing at the playground together. We love watching you learn so much every minute. Today, you climbed steps, crawled through tunnels and slid down slides. You picked up dirt and pebbles, bringing them over to dump in my hand or on Dadda. Then asking me to brush your hand clean again. You are independent and adventurous. Today, you wandered around exploring on your own, coming back every now and then to check in. You pointed out the … [Read more...]

Three Pretty Good Things: Thursday

1. Happy Valentine's Day! I found this beautiful bouquet on the kitchen table when I came home from studying today. Only one lily is blooming right now and the kitchen already smells fabulous. Phil got the lilies because I'd mentioned in Sunday how good they smelled in church. 2. The lucky Bar Exam pencil has come full circle. I first included a pack of these pencils in Laura's Bar Exam Survival Kit. Maureen was the next of our triumvirate to take the Bar so Laura passed them on to her. Now … [Read more...]

Finally, Our Modern Glamour Bedroom Reveal

Okay, so back a million years ago (Okay, in October 2012), I promised a bedroom makeover and showed you all our terrible bedroom and my gray and yellow bedroom moodboard plan. Then half a million years ago (Okay, in December 2012), I showed you one step of the makeover, my nightstand transformation. And now, today, I'm finally back with all the beautiful pictures and full details of my bedroom makeover! The bed made such a big difference to me. It's the first real bed we've ever owned. … [Read more...]

Fingerpainting Literally.

Valentine's Day is coming up! Phil and I have never made a big deal out of the holiday, but now that we have a kid, it's a fun excuse to send a cute card out to some loved ones! The other day Jaye and I made some quick and easy Valentines. This was such a fun Valentine's Day craft for a toddler!  I started by covering our kitchen table with a garbage bag, one of the big black ones. I taped the edges underneath the table so it wouldn't wiggle around. Then Jaye donned an oversized t-shirt as a … [Read more...]