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The Best Food in Minneapolis: Safari

Back in December, Phil and I got to take a weekend trip to Minneapolis by ourselves for the annual Thanksmas party hosted by our friends. We weren't in town for long and we didn't have time for much, but there was one place we made sure we got to visit, Safari, the best food in Minneapolis. No joking. Safari Express in Midtown Global Market and the Safari Restaurant off of Lake Street is definitely the best African restaurant in Minneapolis. And may in fact be the best food in Minneapolis … [Read more...]

Jaye’s Toddler Easter Basket!

With Easter only a week away, it was time to put together a toddler Easter basket for my favorite toddler (FYI: It's Jaye). I started collecting items a couple weeks ago and the final result turned out to have a gardening theme! Here's what's in my gardening Easter basket for a 19 month old. In the back, the kids rake and shovel were from the Dollar Spot at Target. The green watering can is from the Dollar Store (specifically, the Dollar Tree, because that's the real one where everything is … [Read more...]

Living Room, Two Ways

While I was doing our taxes the other day (UGH.) I had to look up the current market value of our rental home (DOUBLE UGH DEPRESSING.), but while I was doing that depressing, onerous task, I came across pictures of our rental home as the renters had decorated it. It was really fun to see what they'd done with the place. And fun to see the different ways that two different people would decorate the same space. So let's compare: That was how the living room looked when we moved out. And … [Read more...]


I kind of can't believe it. I finished taking the Texas Bar Exam yesterday. It's weird not to have it looming in front of me anymore. It also feels amazing to be done. It was an exhausting 3 days. Can you even imagine a test that lasts for 3 WHOLE DAYS? Let's just say I was very happy to get home last night. Jaye did a good job hiding her extreme excitement at seeing me by merely commenting on my dangly earrings. I was so happy to see her (and Phil). I missed her so much, but I think overall … [Read more...]