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Head in the Sand: The AHHH we’re moving in a week freak-out

We had a crazy week last week. Phil was in New York City for the first week of his new job. Jaye and I stayed with our friends Chris and Laura who live in Austin for the week. We had a lot of adventures (I've got several posts planned!), but it was also a long time to be out of our normal routine. But I also found out while I was out of town that our moving date was suddenly 4 days earlier than I planned. Now, we are back home and in a flurry of packing and last minute preparations for … [Read more...]

The Spice of Life: Cute and Easy Spice Storage

The Spice of Life: Cute and Easy Spice Storage

A few weeks ago, I did a quick update to my spice storage. And the results were awesome. Using washi tape and some leftover jars, I turned my mish-mash of spice jars into a fun and functional spice storage solution that happened to be really easy to do and easy to change in the future too! Win, win, win! 1. Choose the jars for your spice storage. I used Gerber baby food jars for the spices. Once they were super clean, they were the perfect size. I had two different sizes of jars. The bigger … [Read more...]

Making Friends and Gevalia Coffee

It's been a year since we moved to Texas (almost). That's kind of hard to believe. We've done a lot in that year, and one of the things we've really been focusing on is making new friends. It can be especially hard to make friends in a totally new city and as a grown-up. Since most of the people you meet are already set in their friend group, and have plans for their weekend nights, I feel like it falls to the newbies to really be the ones to reach out and initiate friendships. Which is … [Read more...]

Terrace Park, Richardson TX

I've got a big goal for the summer: visit all the city parks in Richardson. Did you know there are 35 different parks in Richardson? I didn't until just the other day. We tend to go to the 2 or 3 parks closest to our house. But, I started wondering, what if the most incredible park ever was just one block further? And we were missing out? So, last week, Jaye and I headed to Terrace Park, instead of one of our usual parks. Terrace Park Details: Location: Grove Rd. and La Salle, east of 75, … [Read more...]

Sliding Head First

That's my Jaye. Always doing the boldest things she can. … [Read more...]