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How to make an entirely free gallery wall of cool art

I got a new office at work a couple months ago. It's great to have my own office, but it was a bit boring and lacked personality. However, I was having a hard time spending any money decorating it, since it's not my home, just my office. I have a big blank wall above my desk and I challenged myself to fill it up with a gallery wall of free printable artwork! Here are my tips for creating an entirely free gallery wall of cool art: 1. Balance art containing images with art containing … [Read more...]

Jaye’s Prayer

Out of the blue, in the car last week, Jaye started talking about her baby sister. She was saying how she would hold her and play with her. I honestly told her that I wanted another baby, too. She asked, "Is there a baby in your tummy?" I told her there wasn't a baby in my tummy right now. We talked about how happy I was when God gave me Jaye as my baby and how we could pray that God would give us a baby sister. And at nap time, she prayed, "God, we want a baby sister." Which brought me to … [Read more...]

Cozy Modern Kitchen Moodboard

We are getting ready to embark on our biggest home project to date. That's right, it's time for (*drum roll) THE KITCHEN REMODEL! Today, I'm sharing our new kitchen moodboard and some of the things we have planned. I've named my home design style "Cozy Modern." I like modern style, but I want it to feel cozy. I love rooms with a mix of sleek modern and a more rustic/industrial look with lots of fun color, of course. So that's the general look I'm going for in the kitchen.    More … [Read more...]