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8 Questions to Ask BEFORE Starting a Kitchen Remodel

A couple months ago, we finished an enormous kitchen remodel. This week, our contractor sent along some professional photographs of the kitchen, and looking at them got me thinking about the process of our remodel. Based on our experience, I've come up with 8 questions to ask before starting a kitchen remodel. 8 Questions to Ask BEFORE Starting a Kitchen Remodel   1. Determine your priorities. How do you use your kitchen? I mean, how do you really use it? Do you just cook for family? … [Read more...]

What to Buy at Kids Consignment Sales (and What to Skip)

Almost 4 years ago, I went to my first kids consignment sale, a Just Between Friends (JBF) sale in Eagan, MN. I was pregnant with my daughter Jaye and had just finished scarfing a hamburger and onion rings from Burger King in the car. I had no clue what to expect. 4 years later, Jaye is 3 and a half and I'm gearing up for my umpteenth kids consignment sale, Just Between Friends Fort Worth to prepare to welcome a new baby in just a few short weeks. So I thought I'd dish up some advice I've … [Read more...]