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Cy: Two Weeks

Sweet Cy, You are already two weeks old! (Actually almost 3 by the time I'm writing this...) It felt like a long time waiting to meet you and now we are all so happy that you are finally here. You have grown and changed a lot already in just two weeks. The first week was pretty tiring for mama and dada. You have fallen into a bit more of a rhythm since then and we are feeling a little more rested. You pretty much only want to sleep in someone's arms or on mama's chest, which is as it … [Read more...]

My New Flavor Fave: Dasani Drops Infusions

As you may have noticed, I was pretty impatient during the last couple weeks of my pregnancy. And that impatience made it very hard to keep eating healthy. I just wanted to drown my overdue sorrows in donuts and ice cream. And that's mostly exactly what I did. But there was one area I didn't struggle with--thanks to the Dasani Drops Infusions I received to try out for this sponsored post, it was easy to keep drinking plenty of water. Dasani Drops Infusions have two flavors, Strawberry Basil … [Read more...]

Meet Cy

Welcome little Cy. Cy Andrew Schrader was born April 8, 2015 at 12:47 pm. After an intense, short, and beautiful natural birth at the Allen Birthing Center, he made his arrival one week late and weighing 7 lbs 13 oz. Jaye absolutely adores him and is adjusting to being the big sister incredibly well. Mama and Dada absolutely adore him, too. … [Read more...]