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Jaye: 3 years, 10 months

Dear Jaye, This summer, you will turn four. Four seems like such a big age for you to be, really a kid and not a baby or even a toddler. And lately, you have really made big leaps to be a big kid. You are so determined to do everything yourself. And I'm not just talking about getting dressed. You cook. You fold laundry. You make coffee. You frequently get irritated that I know more about things than you. You are very curious and intelligent. You ask questions all day long, from questions … [Read more...]

Cy: Two Months

Cy, Right now, you are still sleeping in our bed and I love it. You sleep in the crook of my arm and it feels like just where you should be. You sleep soundly all night, usually eating once or twice. Sometimes around 6, you enter a lighter, noisier sleep with more grunting and wiggling that keeps me awake. Breastfeeding is going smoothly. You fall asleep at the breast less often as you've become more alert and aware of the world. I'm so thankful that the myofacial and chiropractic therapy … [Read more...]

Cy: One Month

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