3 Last-Minute Toddler Valentines Crafts

So I’ve been seeing Valentines crafts and printables and party ideas all over Pinterest for weeks now! But finally, this Monday, I thought, “Oh, Valentines Day is this week. Huh.” So Jaye and I got out some pink paint and a few other things everyone should have on hand (like cute toes!) and made 3 Last-Minute Toddler Valentines Crafts.

Toddler Valentines Craft # 1: Cookie Cutter Painting

Toddler Valentine Craft This craft was super simple, but made a really cool card to send to Jaye’s great grandparents. I got out some heart-shaped cookie cutters, squirted pink plate on a paper plate, folded a piece of cardstock in half, and let Jaye go to work dipping and painting. She had a great time, and did a lot of talking about it, “I making a big heart now. I making a tiny heart. Now anoder big one…”

Toddler Valentines Craft # 2: Footprint Love

Toddler Valentines Craft

Everyone should have the supplies for this super easy last minute Valentines craft. All you need is paper, paint, toes, and love. Paint your toddlers feet, let her help. Listen to her say, “that tickles” approximately one million times. Then press each foot onto the paper on an angle, to form a “V”. Use a brush (or even a Sharpie) to freehand on the other letters (“l,” “o,” and, “e” to spell it out for you).

Toddler Valentines Craft # 3: Piggie Footprint Valentine

Toddler Footprint Valentine

Again, super-simple, no-brainer, toddler valentines project. Take toddler, paint foot, stamp foot onto paper. Then, the somewhat complicated part–use a Sharpie to draw pointy ears on each toe, two dots for eyes, and then a nose made up of a parenthesis with two dots inside, like this ( . .) Pig Nose!

Voila, I’ve succeeded at the last minute in doing a Valentines craft with my toddler. Now I can count myself as the greatest mom to ever live. What do you do to celebrate Valentines Day? Phil and I usually just go out to dinner, but this year, we will be on the road to visit friends Friday evening, so we’ll probably have a fancy meal and Inn N Out Burger. Clearly V-Day isn’t that big of a deal at our house.


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