DFW in Review: Bake and Play Cafe

Jaye and I love exploring Dallas. A month or so ago, I heard about this new place opening up called Bake and Play Cafe. It’s a little out of my neck of the woods, but it still lingered in the back of my mind as somewhere we should explore. Then, last week I was so excited to be invited to a “Trick or Squeez” party at Bake and Play Cafe hosted by GoGoSqueez applesauce pouches. So one Tuesday morning, Jaye and I loaded up and headed out to Lakewood to explore Bake and Play Cafe.

Bake and Play Cafe, seating area

What IS Bake and Play Cafe?

Basically, it’s a cafe with baked goods and yummy lunch food like any other, but with an awesome indoor play area for the kids! The cafe area room has big windows looking into the play area, so moms can sit and enjoy their meal while the kids are safe in the play area. Bake and Play also hosts birthday parties. Bake and Play Cafe

What’s the play area at Bake and Play Cafe like?

The play area is not your average fast food play area. I was really excited about this. There is a climbing structure, but it’s much smaller than other places, in a good way. Jaye (26 months) could totally do all of it by herself. She never got stuck or scared up too high (We’ve had that happen at other places and been dependent on some kind older kid to help drag her out of there!). But there is more than just the playground area.

Bake and Play Cafe

There’s also a dress-up cabinet, dolls, big cardboard boxes to build with, a train table and car table, a play kitchen, and a section with toys for little babies. And the biggest thing I didn’t realize before arriving, is that there is a Bake and Play employee in the playroom always, keeping an eye on everything. Now, of course, parents aren’t allowed to leave the cafe (it’s not just free childcare!) and parents are still responsible for making sure their kid behaves. But it was nice to have her there to help Jaye get a doll down or put on a dress-up skirt, so I didn’t have to run in anytime she needed something little like that.

Bake and Play Cafe


The food was also really delicious. We had several dip sampler plates and salads. The salads come with all the fun ingredients served in a muffin tin, so you can build your salad just how you want it. The chicken salad, which came with an egg salad and a tuna salad, was scrumptious. And the surprise winner, for me, was the sun dried tomato pimiento, which I’d never had before.

Bake and Play Cafe

The owner of the cafe is really sweet and friendly. She started the cafe to create the space in her neighborhood that she’d always dreamed about existing when her kids were younger. When Jaye needed some mama-time, she helped her build a sticker cafe while I listened to the cooking demonstration demo.

Bake and Play Cafe


Speaking of which–Tara from Half Pint Palates  did a demonstration for how to make a spooky Halloween pasta. She used squid ink pasta and butternut squash. The recipe was simple and delicious. And perfectly orange and black for Halloween! You can find the recipe here (and you should follow Tara on Twitter because she shares lots of delicious recipes!).





Bake and Play Cafe

As the last event at the party, the kiddos got to decorate a cookie. Jaye, of course, had a great time doing this. And then eating the cookie (or maybe just the sprinkles). You can decorate cookies with the kids on any old day at Bake and Play Cafe, or have it as part of a fun birthday party.

The kids (toddler to 8-years-old) can play for $8/visit (crawlers are free!), or you can get a 10-visit punch card for $50. Decorating a cookie runs an extra $5. At first, I admit, that I thought the price to play was pretty high. But it seems more reasonable now that I realize all the play area has to offer and that there’s an attendant there so you can maybe enjoy your meal in peace. Jaye was a smidge skeptical of playing without me in the room, so the value depends on how comfortable your little one is with that.

Bake and Play Cafe is located at 6434 E. Mockingbird Lane, Suite 105, Dallas, Texas 75214. It’s open everyday from 7AM – 8PM, and even has a Parents Night Out Friday and Saturday from 7PM – 11:30PM.

Overall, we had a great time, and we will be back to Bake and Play Cafe. Where have you been exploring lately?

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