Camp Jill (and Phil)

On Friday, Lillian and Lucy, my 12 year-old sisters, are coming to visit! For a week! Here are some highlights of what I’m planning. Get excited girls!

Saturday: A water ski show on the Mississippi. We’ll bring some food, spread a picnic blanket, and watch the skiing stunts.

Sunday: Another part of the Minneapolis Aquatennial, we’ll see the milk carton boat races. Yes, all these boats are made out of milk cartons. And people ride in them. And there’s a race!

Sunday night: Perhaps the new Harry Potter movie?
Monday: The Mall of America: Do you guys want to shop? Or check out the park rides?

Monday night: We’ll get Phil to join us and check out the Underwater Adventures aquarium, where the sharks swim over your head.

Tuesday: We’ll head out to the Como Zoo in St. Paul. I think they have lions and penguins and polar bears.

Wednesday: I’ve always wanted to check out this indoor water park in Minneapolis. I hope you all don’t mind coming along.

Thursday: We’ll head downtown on the light rail, meet Phil for lunch, check out the Mill City Museum and the Farmer’s Market.
Friday: Maybe some chilling on the beach by the lake here. Also, we’ll probably have to do some video editing for the sweet movie we’ll have been making of our week.

That’s some of my general ideas. Not necessarily exactly what we’ll do each day. Is there anything you gals want to do? What do you want to eat?
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