Canyon Creek Park, Richardson TX

Canyon Creek Park is an average parked tucked into a neighborhood just to the east of the University of Texas at North Dallas. If you live nearby, it’s a nice playground. But Jaye and I will not likely drive further to return to it.

Canyon Creek Park, Richardson Parks

However, I will say that the day we went to the park, it was colder out than I had expected and we were both under-dressed. Therefore, my memories of the park are mixed with memories of being generally cold, which is unpleasant. The picture above displays the entire park, so it’s a fairly small park.

Canyon Creek Park, Richardson Parks

This is the “big kid” play area. I do love those types of bouncy, chain, bridges. Some Jaye can handle at 2 years, others seem a bit intimidating to her. While it was fun to run across the bridge, or go down the slide, there just really wasn’t too much to “do” on this play structure.

Canyon Creek Park, Richardson Parks

The littler play structure was more fun for us. We had a great time playing chase all around it and through it. The little bouncy chain bridge on this one was a blast for my 2 year old.

Canyon Creek Park Details:

  • Location: north of Campbell Rd, east of the University of Texas at Dallas campus, west of Custer Rd., map here.
  • Surface material: wood chips
  • Structure material: metal and plastic.
  • Equipment: big kid area, toddler area, tornado slide,  swings, baby swings
  • City pool located next to park, tennis courts, baseball field

Canyon Creek Park, Richardson Parks

There are baby swings as well as regular swings, but not near each other. The other MAJOR downside of this park is NO restrooms! There is a public pool nearby which seemed like it might have restrooms, but they were locked. Perhaps in the summer you would be allowed to access them without pool admission, but I’m not sure. And yes, the lack of restrooms did mean there was a toddler peeing behind a tree when we were there.

Canyon Creek Park, Richardson Parks

The Canyon Creek Pool is right next to the park where the 1st arrow is pointing. Just as we were heading back to the car, I spied a larger play structure at the 2nd arrow across this big field. The park is also near a school, so I’m not sure if this bigger play area is part of the school or part of Canyon Creek Park. Can anyone enlighten me?

What the City says about Canyon Creek Park

8.98 acres at 600 Aspenwood. Picnic and playground equipment, shelter, swimming pool, baby pool, one lighted baseball field and two tennis courts.

To find out about more Richardson parks, check out my Richardson Park Quest page where I’m reviewing (and posting pictures!) of every park in Richardson.

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