The Kitchen Reveal: Our Ikea Kitchen Remodel is Finished!

The day has come. I finally have pictures and details to share with you of our new kitchen! Our Ikea kitchen remodel was a long process, but it's finally done. Our home style is "cozy modern" and that's the general look I wanted in the kitchen. Specifically, our kitchen is a blue, white, and woven kitchen with a modern Central American vibe. You can find the kitchen moodboard here. When you come into our house the kitchen is just on your left. And this is the old view that used to nauseate you … [Read more...]

Desk Disaster

Last Friday, I dropped Jaye off at her Mother's Day Out, and sat down to work. As I did, I heard a loud noise in my head, "Womp, Womp" There was no way I was actually going to get any work done in this mess. So I had to do something about it. I have a lot of file folders that I try to stack, but then they all slide down into a big pile. So I rummaged around in the garage and found a pot-lid organizer that had been too tall for our cabinets and wasn't being used. It was perfect for holding … [Read more...]

Modern Playful Bathroom Reveal

We finally got our butts in gear over the past week to finish up the final details of our new bathroom. (We were having a party, so that was just the motivation we needed!) And through a secondary miracle, I took pictures and am finally sharing the reveal of our modern playful bathroom! Or it could be called the teal and turquoise bathroom reveal. Whichever you prefer. But first, to refresh your memory: The pink and dirty and cracked before picture. Oh man. I'd almost forgotten how ugly … [Read more...]

Modern Playful Bathroom Mood Board

We are planning a bathroom remodel. A big one. We (and by we, I mean the contractor I hired) are going to take our ugly pink bathroom with the sagging floor totally down to the studs and build it up right. I created a modern playful bathroom mood board to help envision the new room. The hallway bathroom is both the kids bathroom and the guest bathroom. So I wanted it to be fun and playful (and durable) for the kids, but also calm and relaxing for any guests using it. And just a … [Read more...]

Laundry Room

The fact that our current house has a separate laundry room makes me super happy. I've never had a real laundry room. Previously, we either did laundry in the basement or in a shallow closet off the kitchen. I always dreamed that a laundry room would help solve the problem of laundry in various stages being all over the living room. Unfortunately, I'm writing this post sitting on the couch in a pile of (clean) laundry, so that dream didn't come true. But having a laundry room is still … [Read more...]