3 Last-Minute Toddler Valentines Crafts

So I've been seeing Valentines crafts and printables and party ideas all over Pinterest for weeks now! But finally, this Monday, I thought, "Oh, Valentines Day is this week. Huh." So Jaye and I got out some pink paint and a few other things everyone should have on hand (like cute toes!) and made 3 Last-Minute Toddler Valentines Crafts. Toddler Valentines Craft # 1: Cookie Cutter Painting This craft was super simple, but made a really cool card to send to Jaye's great grandparents. I got out … [Read more...]

DIY Maisy Mouse Costume

Jaye is still young enough that I get to choose her Halloween costume. This is probably the last year that will happen, so I knew I had to choose well. But I also wanted to choose something she would like (Phil was voting for her to be a grunt from Halo) and recognize. So I decided to make a Maisy Mouse costume. Maisy is a children's book character and one of Jaye's favorites. Here's how I created a DIY Maisy Mouse costume. When you google "Maisy Mouse" it turns out that Maisy doesn't … [Read more...]

10 Best Grandparents Day Ideas, Cards, & Crafts

Grandparents Day is coming up! This year, Grandparents Day is Sunday, September 8th. I'm sure you really didn't need one more "holiday" to stress about or feel like you don't measure up to the Pinterest hype. I know I don't want that. Still, I thought this Sunday would be a good excuse to send a little card to Jaye's grandparents (and great-grandparents). When Phil's grandfather passed away, he still had the latest postcard of Jaye still displayed on his wall, and that has given me lots of … [Read more...]

Best of the Best: Free Printable Father’s Day Cards, Part 2

Okay, I'm back. And here is the second half of my 20 Best Free Printable Father's Day cards extravaganza. Find the first 10 free printable Father's Day cards here. 11. Aww. Penguins. Jaye says that penguins say "Flap, Flap Flap" and she flaps her arms. We never taught her that, she made it up. From Orange Kitty. 12. I love the little speech bubbles to make this card more personal and meaningful. From Faithful Provisions. 13. I love the typography on this card. And it's available … [Read more...]

Best of the Best: Free Printable Father’s Day Cards, Part 1

I decided to find the best free printable Father's Day cards for dear ol' dad because I had so much fun hunting down free printable Mother's Day Cards a month ago--any excuse to browse Pinterest is a good excuse. :-). Along the way,  I discovered that there are a LOT more free printable Father's Day cards than there were for Mother's Day. My theory is that all the bloggers making these freebies are women who make cards for their hubbies, but hubbies don't make them for their wives. Come on, men, … [Read more...]