3 Last-Minute Toddler Valentines Crafts

So I've been seeing Valentines crafts and printables and party ideas all over Pinterest for weeks now! But finally, this Monday, I thought, "Oh, Valentines Day is this week. Huh." So Jaye and I got out some pink paint and a few other things everyone should have on hand (like cute toes!) and made 3 Last-Minute Toddler Valentines Crafts. Toddler Valentines Craft # 1: Cookie Cutter Painting This craft was super simple, but made a really cool card to send to Jaye's great grandparents. I got out … [Read more...]

10 Best Grandparents Day Ideas, Cards, & Crafts

Grandparents Day is coming up! This year, Grandparents Day is Sunday, September 8th. I'm sure you really didn't need one more "holiday" to stress about or feel like you don't measure up to the Pinterest hype. I know I don't want that. Still, I thought this Sunday would be a good excuse to send a little card to Jaye's grandparents (and great-grandparents). When Phil's grandfather passed away, he still had the latest postcard of Jaye still displayed on his wall, and that has given me lots of … [Read more...]

Kids Art Display Ikea Hack

I'm a big tease. Over a week ago, I posted a sneak peek of the awesome and easy rotating kids art display on my Instagram account. (Are you following me?) And then no tutorial appeared. But finally, it's here. A tutorial for my new favorite thing in our house (well, maybe second to the bookshelf we built this weekend. I'll share a sneak peek of that soon and the full post...eventually). Jaye and I like to do arts and crafts (like painting Easter eggs, fingerpainting toddler valentines, … [Read more...]

Best of the Best: Free Printable Mother’s Day Cards

It dawned upon me the other night that Mother's Day is coming up! So I started dropping hints for Phil, and then started hunting for the perfect Mother's Day Card for my own mom. During that hunt, I came across tons of awesome free printable Mother's Day Cards. I've culled them down and hereby present the 20 Best Free Printable Mother's Day Cards! I'll break it down for you. Complete with links to where you can obtain these beauts for f.r.e.e. Not that dear old mom isn't worth a couple of … [Read more...]

Fingerpainted Canvas Art

The other morning I was reading some blogs and came upon Kim's fingerpainted canvas art and was instantly inspired and motivated. I thought, "I've pinned something like that several times on Pinterest, now it's time to actually make it. And I have all the supplies on hand. Jaye and I are making our own fingerpainted canvas art TODAY." Basically: (1) Take a canvas, (2) Apply stickers or vinyl in the shape of whatever quote or image you want, (3) Let baby go to town with fingerpaints, (4) Once … [Read more...]