How to Fit your Kleenex Box into your Home Style

This winter, we've bought SO many boxes of tissues. The past two weeks in particular, Phil and I have had a constant cold, runny nose, coughing. Ugh. This means that I wanted tissues to be close at hand at all times. But the problem is, ugly tissue boxes don't really fit in with my vibrant home decor. And when I think of hiding the tissue box using a tissue box cover, the image that springs to mind is something like the weird crocheted creation that has lived on the back of my grandma's toilet … [Read more...]

Desk Disaster

Last Friday, I dropped Jaye off at her Mother's Day Out, and sat down to work. As I did, I heard a loud noise in my head, "Womp, Womp" There was no way I was actually going to get any work done in this mess. So I had to do something about it. I have a lot of file folders that I try to stack, but then they all slide down into a big pile. So I rummaged around in the garage and found a pot-lid organizer that had been too tall for our cabinets and wasn't being used. It was perfect for holding … [Read more...]

DIY Drawer Dividers, Customizable and Inexpensive!

Last week, I got fed up. The mess inside my desk drawer was finally too much. But it was naptime and I couldn't leave the house to gather supplies. So, in a work-with-what-you-have pinch, I created custom-sized, DIY drawer dividers using foam board. Now I'm so much happier when I open my drawer. These DIY drawer dividers are totally customizable, too. They'll fit in any drawer and can have as few or as many compartments as you want. They are the perfect drawer dividers because you can … [Read more...]

Kids Art Display Ikea Hack

I'm a big tease. Over a week ago, I posted a sneak peek of the awesome and easy rotating kids art display on my Instagram account. (Are you following me?) And then no tutorial appeared. But finally, it's here. A tutorial for my new favorite thing in our house (well, maybe second to the bookshelf we built this weekend. I'll share a sneak peek of that soon and the full post...eventually). Jaye and I like to do arts and crafts (like painting Easter eggs, fingerpainting toddler valentines, … [Read more...]

The Spice of Life: Cute and Easy Spice Storage

The Spice of Life: Cute and Easy Spice Storage

A few weeks ago, I did a quick update to my spice storage. And the results were awesome. Using washi tape and some leftover jars, I turned my mish-mash of spice jars into a fun and functional spice storage solution that happened to be really easy to do and easy to change in the future too! Win, win, win! 1. Choose the jars for your spice storage. I used Gerber baby food jars for the spices. Once they were super clean, they were the perfect size. I had two different sizes of jars. The bigger … [Read more...]