Cy: Four Months

Little Cy Guy, You turned 4 months old last week. As usual, you are a delight. Toys have been a big new thing this month. You can really hold a teething ring and chew on it. You pull everything you can get to your mouth. And you drool a lot. You are a champ at rolling from your back to your stomach, but once you get there you don't seem to remember how to get back and sometimes fuss because you don't like that position as much. You still love to talk and smile. This month you … [Read more...]

Jaye: 3 years, 10 months

Dear Jaye, This summer, you will turn four. Four seems like such a big age for you to be, really a kid and not a baby or even a toddler. And lately, you have really made big leaps to be a big kid. You are so determined to do everything yourself. And I'm not just talking about getting dressed. You cook. You fold laundry. You make coffee. You frequently get irritated that I know more about things than you. You are very curious and intelligent. You ask questions all day long, from questions … [Read more...]

A Day in Our Life – Video Version!

Last Wednesday, I took snippets of video all day long. Here's is a 3 minute glimpse at what our life looks and sounds like right now. … [Read more...]

A Big Girl Room for Jaye

At some point this year, Jaye moved from a crib to her new big girl bed. Which meant no more nursery and time for her own Big Girl Room. At some point after finishing her room, I got around to taking pictures. And now, at an even later some point, I'm sharing them here. Without any further delay, Jaye's Pink and Aqua Big Girl Room! The inspiration for her room was the Children at Play Balloon Fabric from Michael Miller. I used it for her curtains, but since I still wanted blackout curtains, I … [Read more...]

Pumpkin Village

Even though the weather doesn't feel like it here in Texas, it is technically fall. Which means we must do "fall-ish" things, like cook lots of stews (in the past 2 weeks, I've made 2 killer stews, so delicious), drink pumpkin flavored drinks and eat pumpkin flavored food, and of course pose for pictures with pumpkins. So when Jaye and I were invited to preview the Pumpkin Village at the Dallas Arboretum, we were excited.  Well, at least I was excited. Every year, the Arboretum creates a giant … [Read more...]