Chatbooks Review: 6 Reasons You Need Chatbooks NOW

Attention: This Chatbooks Review is NOT a sponsored post. All gushing below is honest and true-Chatbooks doesn't even know who I am. For several months now, I've been using an amazing service called Chatbooks. I love it so much that it's time to share it with you all. So here's my Chatbooks review. Chatbooks is a photo book app that is connected to my Instagram account. Whenever I post 60 photos, it automatically creates a paperback photo book and mails it to me. Boom. Memories … [Read more...]

Jumping Right In! Spring Project Life Free Printable

I mentioned on Wednesday that I started a new project called Project Life. When I start something, I usually just jump right in! So today, I've got a spring Project Life free printable for you! In my current Project Life layout, I didn't have a lot of pictures, so I wanted something else cute to fill up a space. So I whipped up this spring Project Life free printable. It has a fun quote from The Secret Garden by Frances Hodgson Burnett. I remember my mom reading that book aloud to us when we … [Read more...]

On Beginning Project Life

So I've started this new project for memory keeping and documenting every day life, called "Project Life." I'm here to tell you what beginning Project Life is like! It's partly to blame for my recent blogging slowdown. The idea is basically to take more pictures and document the everyday details of your life. But not to stress out and freak out about perfect "scrapbook" pages. For example, here's one of the first pages I created. It's from January of 2012. I'm clearly not a "scrapbooker," but … [Read more...]