Chatbooks Review: 6 Reasons You Need Chatbooks NOW

Attention: This Chatbooks Review is NOT a sponsored post. All gushing below is honest and true-Chatbooks doesn’t even know who I am.

For several months now, I’ve been using an amazing service called Chatbooks. I love it so much that it’s time to share it with you all. So here’s my Chatbooks review. Chatbooks is a photo book app that is connected to my Instagram account. Whenever I post 60 photos, it automatically creates a paperback photo book and mails it to me. Boom. Memories preserved. Chatbooks Review

Here’s why you NEED Chatbooks:

  1. With zero effort, photo books of family memories show up on your doorstep. It’s all so easy and automatic. Books automatically ship once they are filled with pictures. You will have 3 days to edit the books using the app before it ships (but I usually don’t change anything!)
  2. Each book costs $8. For that price, I love that I don’t have to worry about the kids looking at the books. I keep them all in a wire basket on our living room shelf and Jaye loves to look through them. I’m sure Cy will too when he’s bigger.
  3. You can control what photos go into each book using a hashtag. I have one series of books using #jayemississippi and one using #littlecyguy. So each kid has their own series. Jaye’s has 4 volumes and Cy’s 3rd volume is on its way to us as we speak. Chatbooks Review
  4. You can combine pictures from other people. For example, we have a tradition of taking weekend trips with a group of friends which we call Settlers Weekend. After our most recent trip, I created a Chatbook and combined all the pictures from each family with the hashtag #settlersweekend into a new Chatbook series celebrating 5 years of trips. I was also able to add pictures from my phone and Facebook, not just those on Instagram.
  5. Chatbooks are the best presents for grandparents ever, especially those who don’t use social media. I have a series that automatically ships to Phil’s grandma with pictures of both kids in it. She LOVES it and so looks forward to the surprise when a new volume comes in the mail. I love that I can share real physical pictures with her without having to take extra time or effort to print and mail them. Chatbooks Review
  6. If you use my Chatbooks coupon code when you sign up, you get your first book free! (And I get a little credit towards my addiction). Just put in the code 7K9TJCNX when you sign up.


  1. I have tons of pics on my Dell desktop that I would love to create Chatbooks for. What do you suggest I do?

    • Yikes! Your comment got trapped in my blog’s “comment moderation” section! Sorry for not replying. You can also create custom Chatbooks from pictures on Facebook, Google Photos or your phone’s camera roll. So if your pictures are all on your desktop, uploading them to Google Photos might be the easiest! The custom Chatbooks are set up more as a one-time thing. That is, they won’t automatically ship to you every 60 photos like a “series Chatbook” connected to Instagram does.
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