Consignment Sale Review: Growing Growing Gone

Growing Growing Gone hosted 3 consignment sales in the Dallas area this fall. I’ve been to two of them. Here’s what I thought and what I bought.

Growing Growing Gone

Growing Growing Gone Dallas – Fall 2013

The Dallas G3 sale was the first consignment sale I went to this season. It ran July 31-August 2, and I was there on the first day. The sale was easy to find in a church at the corner of Inwood Rd. and Northwest Hwy. The sale location was big and nice. I actually ran into Cher who hosted my awesome Pintwist Party and chatted with her for a bit. Shopping the sale was fun. There was nice music playing and plenty of room to shop.

Growing Growing Gone Dallas

I started by picking out everything I liked from the 2T rack and there were a lot! I pared my selections down to just my favorites because I knew I’d be going to several Dallas consignment sales this fall. There was a long table full of different toys, categorized nicely. I found Jaye an Elmo backpack that she loves. I also got her several Elmo DVDs for her birthday. There was a small movie and book section, but it was kind of hard to sort through them because they were all blocking each other in the display.

Growing Growing Gone Dallas

Here’s all the clothes I ended up with. The top three are all Baby Gap. I LOVE the colorful sweater dress with a hood! The denim jean jumper was only $1. Overall, I thought the Growing Growing Gone sale in Dallas had a fine selection and was really nicely organized. I’d probably go back next time, but it won’t be one of my “can’t miss” consignment sales.

Growing Growing Gone Plano – Fall 2013:

The Plano sale was August 18-20. It was housed in a shopping center, near the intersection of Custer and Parker Rd. in Plano. There were several signs on the street, but it was a little tricky to spot the sale once I turned into the shopping center. The space hosting the sale was pretty small. It was hard to maneuver my umbrella stroller through the clothes.

Growing Growing Gone

I like the way the Growing Growing Gone sales have the pink and blue balloons for the different clothes. It makes everything easy to see even from far away. The clothes section was pretty small even though I went on the second day of the sale. Jaye’s 2T size was really slim pickens. There weren’t very many things at all and most of the items seemed really worn and pilly. I only found one long-sleeved shirt.

Growing Growing Gone

There were some bigger baby toys and one small table of little toys for kids of all ages. There was a small movies and books section. I got a couple of books, but my best finds were shoes. I got Jaye two pairs of shoes: pink crocs (size 8 for next summer) and these adorable shiny teal mary janes that Jaye loves so much she was wearing them when I took the picture below.

Growing Growing Gone

Overall, I was not impressed with the Plano Growing Growing Gone sale, and I would not go back. There just wasn’t enough selection and the quality was low. It wouldn’t be worth my time to shop there again.

Growing Growing Gone has one more sale this fall in Hurst. I won’t be attending that one because it’s too far from my home. To find out exact dates for it (and all the other Dallas area consignment sales!), check out my Dallas consignment sale guide.


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