Cozy Modern Kitchen Moodboard

We are getting ready to embark on our biggest home project to date. That’s right, it’s time for (*drum roll) THE KITCHEN REMODEL! Today, I’m sharing our new kitchen moodboard and some of the things we have planned.

I’ve named my home design style “Cozy Modern.” I like modern style, but I want it to feel cozy. I love rooms with a mix of sleek modern and a more rustic/industrial look with lots of fun color, of course. So that’s the general look I’m going for in the kitchen. 


Blue White Kitchen, Cozy Modern Kitchen, Granada Tile More specifically, I’m calling the kitchen moodboard: A Blue, White, and Woven Kitchen with a modern Central American vibe. I’m envisioning sleek glossy cabinets with minimal handles and stainless steel finishes, but with butcher block countertops, wooden open shelving, and wooden lighting to warm it all up. The biggest inspiration and focal point of the kitchen is the Blue Fez tile by Granda Tile, which adds to the kitchen’s Central American vibe.

Here’s the plan in more detail:

1. Firefly Pendant Lamp from CB2 will replace the ceiling fan (weird) currently over our dining room table.

2. Wood Top Glass Hanging Pendant Light from World Market will hang over the kitchen sink in front of the deep garden window there.

3. Open wooden shelving across one wall. We’ll probably store most of our daily dishes here.

4. The glorious Blue Fez cement tile. These tiles are inspired by the gorgeous Central American tiles you’d see if you visited Granada, Nicaragua. Which, in fact, Phil and I have done. After taking a Central American history class in college, Phil and I decided to visit Nicaragua for ourselves. And we kind of ended up falling in love with the country, its history, people, and tile. I’ve had these tiles on my mind for a long time and am excited to finally get to use them in our kitchen!

5. A stainless steel vent hood above the stove will be on a full wall covered in tile with open shelving on either side. This wall is going to be the focal point of the kitchen, and the first part you’ll see as you enter the room.

6. I was super excited when Pfister reached out to sponsor this blog and send me a faucet for our remodel! I chose the Pfister Petaluma faucet. I love the clean simple lines and the fact that the faucet nozzle can pull out to spray down the sink! Once we get it installed, I’ll be back with a full review.

7. A stainless steel undermounted sink. Ideally, with two basins and a built in drainboard. But honestly, I’m not sure if there’s room for such a big sink in the cabinet so we’ll have to figure something out. But the requirements of stainless steel and undermounted are definitely non-negotiables.

8. Small Macrame Jute Lamp from Shades of Light. Okay, over the past 3 days, I have probably spent over 3-4 hours combing every corner of the internet for the perfect lighting options. I really struggled to find lights for 3 places (over the dining room table, over the island, and over the sink) that all worked together, that I loved, and that weren’t matchy-matchy. When I saw these beauties on the Shades of Light website, I was sold. I LOVE them. And I think they will bring an awesome amount of texture, warmth, and funkyness to the kitchen.

9. Cabinets. We are currently planning on using Ikea cabinets in the glossy white Abstrakt finish. But Phil and I will NOT be building and installing them all ourselves, so I’m still figuring that part out.

10. Butcher Block countertops. Again, it was important to me to bring in warmth and texture, especially with such sleek modern cabinets everywhere.

So that’s the general plan. I’m sure things will change as we get into the process. Right now, I’m hoping demo can start soon. I’m waiting to hear back from one more contractor and if his bid is acceptable, it’ll be go time!

Any tips for a major remodel like this? What should I look out for?

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