Cy: Eight Months

My little Cy guy,

You are on the move. Crawling everywhere faster than I think you can. You mostly still have an army-style tummy crawl, but sometimes I see you thinking about getting your knees up underneath you. You are so determined with your crawling–if I take something you shouldn’t have away from you and set it on the other side of me, you just crawl up and over my legs to try to get it. You are not deterred by a barrier. You have also started to pull up on anything you can. You love to pull up on Jaye’s kitchen stool and stand there and bang on the top. You are so happy to be standing.

2015-12-17 16.50.23
I would say that right now your favorite thing in all the world is eating. You like baby food purees okay, but you love table food the best. You insist on a bite of anything I am eating. Tonight, you ate a jar of baby food, lots of meatball, a couple bites of cauliflower, and a good serving of pasta with marinara sauce. And you were still kicking your feet and grunting for more. You can eat an entire banana in one sitting. You do not like baby food vegetables or savory dinners, but I don’t blame you–they taste pretty bad. You’ve also started eating some puffs by yourself. I love to watch you get them in your cute fat palm and try to mash them into your mouth. It’s so adorable.
2015-12-17 16.51.25
In addition to traveling on your own power, you had your first big trip this month-a plane flight and week long stay in Minnesota. It was a little bit of a hard trip for you. Both our flight out and back were after your bed time and you were not very happy to be stuck on a plane instead of in bed. Seeing so many new people and being in new places had you feeling extra clingy to me. You are still a Mama’s boy and I am SO okay with that.
2015-12-17 16.52.12
While we were in Minnesota, you got your second tooth! You now have two cute little bottom teeth right in the front. You are wearing size 3-6 months (Gap and Peek) and starting to outgrow size 6 months (Carters). Your legs are always peeking out the bottom of your leggings.

This month also marked the beginning of the transition to formula from breastmilk. The breastmilk stash in the freezer ran out. You don’t seem to mind what’s in your bottle just as long as you get a bottle. Right now, we are still nursing a couple times during the day and at night, but my supply is slowing down (sometimes you want a bottle even after nursing). At first, I was feeling pretty down about the transition. I have really loved nursing you and that sweet time together. But then last week, I had a milk blister followed by a bunch of plugged ducts and just a lot of pain, so now I’m feeling more ready to move on. We can still cuddle anytime you want even if nursing isn’t involved.

Jaye wanted to help. Here is her story about Cy: “Mama loves Cy and Jaye. Cy is so cute and so cuddly and Jaye is all the things that Cy is, too. Sometimes Cy interrupts me from doing my experiments. Sometimes Cy grabs my nose and that is funny. I like to copy what Cy does and sometimes he crawls over to me and does this–crawls onto my head.”

You are my little boy and I will always love you.


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