Cy: Five Months

Dear Cy,

You are so much more active moving lately. You like to plow and push with your feet to try to figure out how to move. Sometimes, when you are being held, you get so wiggly and squirmy that it’s really hard to keep holding you because you fight and flop and writhe to go places.

Speaking of going places, you started MDO this month. You had a great first day and a somewhat fussy second day. Mama misses you and loves you so much. I’m so excited to come and pick you up and can’t wait to see your sweet face and hear about your day.

We left you with your grandparents for our first night out this month. You cried for 2 hours and could not be consoled. Then as soon as I came home and held you, you stopped right away. After snuggling you for awhile, I gave you to Phil and headed out of the room to change clothes. As I got a little far away, you whined and whimpered. As soon as I went around the corner, you started full on crying again. Clearly, all your tears were about wanting mama nearby. It turns out when you want your mama, you really want your mama. And in the evening, you really want your mama. Your bedtime routine is that mama nurses you and then you fall asleep in my arms. You sleep in my arms while Dada and I watch a little tv then we go to bed.

For naptime, in the past few days, Dada has really gotten the knack of putting you down for a nap. You are sleeping pretty well by yourself, but still in our big bed and not your crib. Dada turns on the sound machine, lays you down and rubs your back. You suck your thumb and doze off. On Sunday afternoon, you slept for 2 hours! It was amazing.

You laugh some but not uproariously. Sometimes playing “pounces” or pretending to eat your tummy or neck can get a chuckle from you, but just one or two. You like to play in your exersaucer, especially when Dada gives you a piece of wax paper that makes such a fun crinkly noise. You also like to play with cards from Jaye’s memory game and a wooden play kitchen spoon. In the exersaucer at Mimi’s house this weekend, you spend such a long focused time working at moving a bead up and over the rail it was on. You were so focused and concentrating so hard. We were very impressed.

Love always,



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