Cy: Four Months

Little Cy Guy,

You turned 4 months old last week. As usual, you are a delight.


Toys have been a big new thing this month. You can really hold a teething ring and chew on it. You pull everything you can get to your mouth. And you drool a lot. You are a champ at rolling from your back to your stomach, but once you get there you don’t seem to remember how to get back and sometimes fuss because you don’t like that position as much.


You still love to talk and smile. This month you really started blowing raspberries and making other blllbbbb sounds. You are so friendly and reward anyone who looks at you and talks to you with a smile so big your tiny eyes scrunch up.

One morning, as I was leaving for work, Lucy was holding you. I smiled and told you Good-bye and I love you. You just grinned and flapped your arms in excitement. It was the cutest thing and made it so hard to leave you.


Another of the sweetest moments this month was our drive to the birth center for a check-up. You were very upset and crying in the car, so I started singing loudly to try to calm you down. Eventually, you stopped crying and started singing too! You cooed along with my song in the sweetest tiny voice.

Your photo session this month was all about you and your big sister. You are really starting to notice her more and more. She is your favorite person to watch right now. And she loves the attention you give to her, too. So I’ll close with a series of sweet pictures of you two.

IMG_1653 IMG_1661 IMG_1663

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