Cy: Seven Months

Dear Cy,

Each month gets more and more fun. You have such a sweet personality. We love you so much.

This month was the dreaded sleep-training month. After you turned 6 months old, we started teaching you to sleep in your own crib. We chose a Wednesday night to start. The first night you did great. The second night was the hardest, you were awake and fussing/crying off and on in the middle of the night for an hour and a half. Then you fell asleep, but only for a bit before you woke up fussing again. When I go in to reassure you, you are so happy to see me and calm down and suck your thumb, until you realize I’m not there to get you out. Then you get really angry and cry and thrash around the crib. By night three, you were adapting. Your routine now is to take a bath, then I put your jammies on and a sleep sack, we nurse and rock and then I lay you down. Sometimes you fuss for a minute or two, but that’s usually it. Most nights, you wake up in the night, nurse, and go back to sleep.

You are sitting on your own really well now.  You look so adorable sitting up like a real person. You make the cutest noises with lots of consonants and combinations. You especially talk a lot during your bath. You love to crawl around the tub, chew on rubber ducks, and try to “getter” the drain. You love the bath. Even if you have been really fussy, you cheer up for your bath.

You started eating some baby food this month and you LOVE it. You open so wide for a bite and say, “unh, unh, unh” if a bite doesn’t come soon enough. One day at Mimi’s house, you saw the empty jar on the counter afterward and nearly jumped out of my arms trying to get some more. You also like to eat mushed up banana, and last night you enjoyed a tiny bite of hamburger meat at Haystack.

All my love,


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