Cy: Six Months


You are at such a classic baby stage. You can go everywhere by schooching on your belly and pulling with your arms. You love being able to reach and move and grab more things. Sometimes, you even use your new ability to schooch over to my feet and cry to be picked-up. It’s pretty cute.

At your six month appointment, you were 26.75 inches long (55%) and weighed 17 pounds (39%). You had your first cold recently. I felt so bad that there was so little I could do to help you feel better.You are happier at school than you were at first. Today, your teacher told me you had a really great day. You love to watch and talk to the other babies. At home, you are so in love with your big sister. You love watching her and are always quick to smile at her.
You are still sleeping in bed right next to Mama. I so love snuggling you. You just curl up on your side next to me. You stick one little foot out and prop it against me. I love to sleep with an arm around you. However, you don’t fall asleep without a lot of help and that has been hard. Either I end up going to bed with you around 8pm or some nights I can bounce you to sleep in my arms, but then I’m stuck on the couch being quiet and still while you sleep. Soon it will be time for you to move to your own bed.
The funniest thing happened this month. When you’re on your back, you’ve started a backwards thrash/schooch. Particularly when you are mad. One day, you wanted to be held instead of getting your diaper changed. You started thrashing and schooching. You ended up schooching naked all over the playroom rug screaming. I watched and laughed–so much anger coming from such a tiny baby. So much fury to schooch all over.

We adore you, little one, temper and all



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