Cy: Twelve Months

My little Cy Man,

You are not quite so little anymore. I can’t believe it has already been a year since you were pictures are from right as you turned 12 months, but as I’m writing this, you are actually 14 months old. At 12 months, you were  still just crawling, but more often on hands and feet, a big bear crawl. At 13 months old, you learned to stand alone and just barely began to think about taking steps. You would take one or two. You only tried about once a day. And you could NOT be coaxed to try any more. Slowly, slowly, you started taking a few more steps at a time, but still only when you felt like it. Around 14 months old, you just got it and became an official walker. Now, you toddle around the house constantly and it is SO adorable.
2016-04-22 09.51.24
Even before you began to think about walking, you have always been a climber. You love to climb on any cardboard box you might find. You love to climb on the foam play gym we gave you for your first birthday or up the stairs at Mimi and Pops’ house. We recently started going to Gymboree with you and you love climbing everything there.
2016-04-22 09.52.36
You love to eat bread and pancakes. You know where the baby food and applesauce pouches are kept, and you go open the cabinet and bring me one, saying, “NNGGGHHH” which is your word for food. “Drink” was declared your official first word.

You are starting to enjoy books, especially the “That’s Not My” series because you love to feel the different textures. You bring me a book and plop on my lap to read. You also like to drive your toy cars and sometimes even make a car noise. You love to play silly games with your sister.

I love you always, my sweet one year old! Love, Mama


  1. I have to agree. You’re little one looks so adorable!!!