Cy: Two Months


Right now, you are still sleeping in our bed and I love it. You sleep in the crook of my arm and it feels like just where you should be. You sleep soundly all night, usually eating once or twice. Sometimes around 6, you enter a lighter, noisier sleep with more grunting and wiggling that keeps me awake.

Breastfeeding is going smoothly. You fall asleep at the breast less often as you’ve become more alert and aware of the world. I’m so thankful that the myofacial and chiropractic therapy has helped so much. Nursing you is such a sweet time. Somerimes , you just gaze into eyes and I gaze back as long as you will hold it. Then I have a crick in my neck bit I dont mind. Everytime, as soon as you latch on,  the hormones rush in and I feel so full of love for you I could cry.

Last night, you smiled for the first time. Lucy was playing peekaboo with you on the changing table. You even made a tiny perhaps half chuckle. Your smile is so sweet and makes you look just like your Dada.

Baby noises. Yours are the best.

This month we started laying you under the play gym and sometimes you just stare and stare. You (unintentionally?) bump the toys with a little fist and watch them swing.

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