Cy: Two Weeks

Sweet Cy,

You are already two weeks old! (Actually almost 3 by the time I’m writing this…) It felt like a long time waiting to meet you and now we are all so happy that you are finally here.

You have grown and changed a lot already in just two weeks. The first week was pretty tiring for mama and dada. You have fallen into a bit more of a rhythm since then and we are feeling a little more rested. You pretty much only want to sleep in someone’s arms or on mama’s chest, which is as it should be since you are so new. You typically sleep with mama from 9-10 at night until 2:30 am, then you eat again and go back to sleep until 6:30 or 7:00 am.

When you are hungry, you cry “ngaaa!” loudly and angrily. But as soon as Phil hands you to me, you stop right away and switch to little grunts and snuffles and sucking your hands. Breastfeeding is going well, though not without its challenges. You have a slight tongue tie and a lip tie, which makes nursing uncomfortable for mama. But thankfully, it is not affecting your nutrition. You have been eating and gaining wait like a pro. You were 7lbs 13oz at birth; 7lbs 6oz at 2 days old; and 7lbs 11oz at 5 days old. Then at two weeks you were 8lbs 6oz and at our three week post-partum visit on Monday, you weighed 9 lbs!  On Thursday, you have an appointment with an occupational therapist for some myofascial release therapy and then a chiropractor appointment with my awesome chiropractor next week. Both are really supposed to help loosen the lip/tongue ties. It’s hard to have anything at all be wrong with your sweet newborn, so all this has been a challenge, but I’m thankful it’s not a bigger deal. And I’m feeling more peaceful about the answers/options we are pursuing.

Jaye really loves you. She declares often, “Such a tute baby!” or “Let’s keep him forever!” She loves to help change your diaper or get you dressed. She is going through a bit of an adjustment though and has been having some insecurities, bad dreams, and a bit of acting out–all perfectly normal considering. It is certainly a big change to add an entirely new family member!

Cy, you love to lay on your changing table and look at the black and white  pictures taped on the wall (just like Jaye did). You kick your legs and just look and look with dark curious eyes. You also like tummy time. You usually just fall straight asleep. Which leaves me sitting right by you watching since babies aren’t supposed to be left to sleep on their tummies.

And that’s what you are up to, for the most part. We love you, Cy.

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