Cy:Three Months


It’s so fun to start seeing glimpses of your little personality. You smile so easily. You are generally happy and easy going.

You and I have had some great conversations lately. You love to smile and coo at me while I talk to you. Sometimes you start the conversation. You even like to try to smile and coo while nursing which is the cutest thing ever.

You have really enjoyed your play gym this month. You are definitely intentional with your batting and grabbing now. I love your focused stare, so intense.

You are discovering your hands more. You wave them in front of your face and clasp and unclasp them and just watch in amazement. You are also getting pretty good at finding a little thumb to suck and soothe yourself. During tummy time you roll over more often. You don’t cry about it the way you did the first couple of times, but you still seem fairly surprised by what happened.

I started back to work the day before you turned 3 months old. For the summer, Alex is watching you 2 days a week for 6 hours each day. It’s the longest I’ve ever been away from you and vice versa. But we both did great this week. It was harder for me than you. Alex says you are just a sweet and smiley guy.

At the end of taking your pictures, you started getting a little fussy. You have an adorable little complaining voice. Not quite crying but definitely letting me know you are done with the current activity.

By the way, your dada loves you an awful lot, too.




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