DIY Drawer Dividers, Customizable and Inexpensive!

Last week, I got fed up. The mess inside my desk drawer was finally too much. But it was naptime and I couldn’t leave the house to gather supplies. So, in a work-with-what-you-have pinch, I created custom-sized, DIY drawer dividers using foam board.

Now I’m so much happier when I open my drawer. These DIY drawer dividers are totally customizable, too. They’ll fit in any drawer and can have as few or as many compartments as you want. They are the perfect drawer dividers because you can make them fit exactly the items you have to organize.

How to Make Custom DIY Drawer Dividers from Foam Board:

1. Start by laying out all the items you want to organize in the drawer where you want them to be, like in the picture above. Leave spaces in between the items where your dividers will go.

2. Measure. Start by measuring the height of the drawer and dividers. My dividers were about half the height of the drawers. This measurement will be the width of each piece of foam board you cut.

3. Then measure the length by measuring in between the items you are organizing. As you can see in the picture above, the length of the foam piece will be the length in between each item before it hits an intersection, if that makes sense. This part is kind of like a puzzle. It will be easiest to glue the dividers together if each intersection makes a “T” shape. So, in the above picture, there are 6 different pieces of foam board.

4. Cut the foam board to your measurements. I used a ruler to draw a straight line first. Then I cut it with a box cutter. Remember to put something (like another foam board) underneath so you don’t scratch your floor or table.

5. Decorate your dividers. Once each foam rectangle is cut out, this is the best time to decorate both sides, if you want to do that. I used some scrap paper and mod podge to decorate mine. Jaye helped, which meant that some pieces got A TON of mod podge on them. Luckily, it dries clear. :-) You could also just paint them a color, or tape wrapping paper onto them. Or leaving them white would be fine too. 

7. Glue the dividers together. I used a hot glue gun and glued each T intersection together one at a time. I just held the foam board in place until the hot glue dried, which didn’t take very long.

8. Then I put the whole thing in the drawer and starting organizing my desk supplies! Then I realized how I had decorated the sides, but the white tops still looked boring, so I took it out of the drawer again and painted the tops gold. It fits perfectly in the drawer. And I love that i was able to divide the drawer into the perfect number and size of sections for my purposes. Plus, you can’t beat the price of this perfect, customizable, easy DIY drawer divider. I paid $1 for the foam board at Dollar Tree. Other than that, the project only used some leftover scrap paper and a negligible amount of hot glue.

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