DFW in Review: Fritz Park Petting Zoo

Did you know there’s a secret free petting zoo in Irving? I didn’t! Earlier this summer, we discovered the Fritz Park Petting Zoo, a free petting zoo in Irving, TX. The petting farm is only open for June and July, so plan a trip for this weekend or next week!

Fritz Park Petting Zoo

You should double check the farm’s website before you head out there. But when we went the farm was open from 10am – 6pm Tuesday through Saturday and 2pm – 6pm on Sundays. The farm would be a fun place for a little one’s birthday party. I noticed a little cabin that you could rent for a party for only $25.

Fritz Park Petting Zoo

Earlier this summer, Phil, Jaye, my brother Will, and I headed out to the Fritz Park petting zoo to check it out. The farm is nice and shady, which is really appreciated in the Texas summer! There were lots of animals to look at: cows, chickens, goats, a turkey, sheep, horses, donkeys, ducks, and others I might not be remembering. The peacock was my favorite, even though I couldn’t convince him to fan his tail out for me.

Fritz Park Petting Zoo

For some reason, Jaye was not at ALL interested in petting the animals on the day we went to check out the petting zoo. She just gave this goat the stink eye instead. The goats were super calm. She was also not interested in petting the horse or donkey. But she did like looking around and talking about the animals. Fritz Park Petting Zoo

I think this “sheep” was the only animal we could convince her to touch all morning! Even though Jaye wasn’t excited about petting real animals (which is strange since she LOVED petting the goats at the Big Orange Pumpkin Farm last fall), we still had a great day. Especially once we discovered the photo opportunity below:

Fritz Park Petting Zoo

Those pictures make me laugh! Do your little ones love petting zoos? Or do you have a shy one like Jaye was today?


  1. I love peacocks. And petting zoos can be so much fun for kids.

    • Seeing a real peacock definitely made the “peacock pattern” trend make more sense. They are so gorgeous.

  2. Fritz Park Petting Zoo is one of my favorite places for little ones. It’s such a sweet little place to explore.

    • We’ll definitely be going back to the Fritz Park petting zoo every summer I think. And maybe next year, Jaye won’t be quite as shy of the goats!

  3. How fun! I have not heard of this place…my kids love animals. Before I had Claire we lived on 15 acres and had a bunch of horses and donkeys, so Jack was used to seeing them…but two years later, it’s like he’s never seen a donkey before when we go to a petting zoo.

    • I always thought it would be super cool to raise kids out where you could have animals. But I’m a city girl through and through so the Fritz Park petting zoo will have to do. 🙂