HOHOHO! A Santa Figurine Makeover

I found these tacky little porcelain Santa figurines at a thrift shop and decided to give them an uplift. I brought them home, spread them out on a cardboard box in the backyard and gave them a good coat of white spray primer.

Then I used a shiny white acrylic paint from Michaels and brushed on two coats. I like the shiny, snowy sheen it gives them. White spray paint would have been faster, but I was working with what I had on hand already.

Once they dried, they joined my Christmas tree farm up on the dining room shelves. 


Here’s the full view of the shelves and their Christmas decor. The bottom shelf is a little empty; maybe next year I’ll get around to decorating it. 

This nativity scene is only on loan from my mom. She was very insistent on that because it’s one of her favorite (she collects nativity scenes). It’s a Guatemalan nativity scene that I got (from Guatemala, duh) when I was in college. I love it because it’s so colorful. And because all the characters aren’t blonde-haired, blue-eyed. This actually looks much more like what I imagine the real event was like.

And here’s a closeup of our awesome stockings, which I absolutely adore. Once they arrived in the mail, I showed them to everyone who came over (multiple times). They are from Sunny Lee Studio on etsy. I love how unique they are. They are modern and fun and really fit with my personality and our house. In fact, I think I should order a fourth after Christmas (just in case, NOT PREGNANT). 

So that’s the tale of my updated thrift store Santa figurines. And how we’ve decked the halls and walls. Look back at our Christmas decorations from last year. We still have the felt Christmas garland and a ribbon strung up for our Christmas cards.


  1. So simple, yet so effective. Looks great!

  2. Lisa Hinderliter says:

    Next year, you can put your Jim Shore angel on the shelf. :]


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