How to make a coloring book from photos


Did you know you can make a coloring book out of your own pictures? I found this idea on Pinterest (of course) and knew I had to try it for our niece Zadie. The idea of a coloring book with pictures of family and friends seemed like something Zadie would get a kick out of. Pinterest led me to a lifehacker tutorial on creating coloring book pages from photos. I just followed that tutorial. I don’t know much about Photoshop, but it was pretty simple.

Some of my pictures worked better as coloring book pages than others. Less detailed pictures were better.

See this one is an awesome picture (if I do say so myself), but has too much tiny details to work as a good coloring page.

I bound the coloring book just using a portfolio binder. I’d thought about having it printed through Shutterfly or something, but realized that type of pages wouldn’t really work for coloring on. Word on the street is that Zadie loved the coloring book!

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