I wish I were in Cozumel

Phil and I escaped for a much-needed, week-long hiatus in sunny Cozumel over spring break. We flew in on a Saturday evening and headed straight to our resort, Fiesta Americana.

From that point on, our days were pretty easy (and pretty similar). Wake up to sun streaming in the window, enjoy a delicious breakfast buffet, and head down to the beach. We rested, we read, we slept in hammocks.

We went snorkeling when we needed a break. I’ve discovered I love snorkeling. It makes swimming fun. It was like being inside the aquarium! The fish were so cool. And you can breathe while you’re swimming! When we needed a break from snorkeling, we drank pina coladas, dacquiris, and margaritas.

One morning, we headed out early to catch a ferry to the mainland, where we boarded a giant tour bus for Chichen Itza. We had a nice time checking out the ruins. On the way home we stopped at a cenote (or swimming hole). The hole was really deep in the ground; you had to go down a bunch of steps into the cavern to get there. Then, you climbed up some more steps to jump off a ledge into the pool. It was kind of scary, but fun once I could convince my legs to run over the edge and fall!

We spent one day hanging out in the city of Cozumel where we are lucky enough to know a local! We had breakfast and an awesome tour of the local markets from our friend Luis’ dad. We did some shopping (I got some awesome alligator boots, and we got a beautiful watercolor to follow our tradition of getting art from our travels), walked around a lot, and had a delicious dinner.

It was a fabulous trip. Now that I’ve relived it, I have to turn back to 20 pages of dull Contracts reading.


  1. when do we get to see the alligator boots????

  2. I loved the cenotes! We cliff-dove into them since they were so deep it seemed like it took forever to come back up!

  3. I know! And the drop is so long you can actually think about how you’re falling. But it’s fun!



  1. [...] of this image, you can see part of another painting we bought on our travels. This one is from our awesome week in Cozumel, Mexico. (4) Finally, the masterpiece on the top left was painted by non other than yours truly. [...]


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