DFW in Review: Laguna Coffee

Laguna Coffee is my favorite coffee shop in the DFW area. I’m especially reminded of that, as I’m sitting right now in a mass produced coffee shop in Minneapolis trying to get ahead on blogging.

Laguna Coffee is located in Dallas, TX near the intersection of Lovers Lane and the Tollway. It’s not super close to my house, but anytime I’m anywhere in the nearby vicinity, I HAVE to stop for a drink.

Laguna Coffee

The feel of the shop is clean and bright, modern and warm at the same time. There’s nice seating both inside and out, though not a ton of it. Better for meeting a friend or two rather than a huge group. The baristas are really friendly and knowledgeable about their drinks.

Laguna Coffee

But the coffee is the real star, as it should be. All of the house specialty drinks are fabulous. My very favorite of all is the Turkish Caffe Latte. It’s made with honey, cardamom, cinnamon and maybe some vanilla. It’s so delicious, I’m drooling just thinking about it. All the drinks are made with REAL ingredients, no strange syrups or mysterious concoctions.

Laguna Coffee

Last time, I tried the Green Tea Latte. It was yummy, slightly sweet and rich. Like a buttery shortbread cookie. The barista said it’s especially yummy iced, too. I also love the Mayan Latte and the Honey Vanilla. Really, it’s pretty hard to decide which drink to order. Because they are all so tasty.

Laguna Coffee

So next time, you’re in the Dallas area, stop in for a coffee. You might just find me there indulging as well. You can also check out their website here.

NOTE: I wasn’t paid or perked for this post in any way. Laguna Coffee is just honestly my favorite and I wanted to share it. I always disclose my sponsored posts with a coral/pink/salmon box at the VERY top of the post.


  1. As a coffee aficionado, I will definitely have to check this place out. It is close to me too. 🙂 Thanks for sharing!

  2. i am totally stopping there on my next run to dallas!!! thanks for sharing, i love finding new little coffee shops.

  3. Yum – it sounds tasty! I’m a sucker for iced coffees. A drink that’s like a buttery shortbread cookie sort of sounds like a piece of heaven to me! 🙂

  4. That’s not too far from the office and now I need to try the Turkish Caffe Latte. It sounds delightful and different than my McD or Starbucks run!

  5. I always love to try unique coffee shops … I’ll definitely go there the next time I’m in the area!

  6. I’ve never been!! I’m not a coffee drinker, but I love tea. I bet they have some amazing tea though. If I am ever in the area I will bypass Starbucks and give them a try.

  7. Great place. Sad to say it is closed up. No sign suggesting any move or re-opening either.