• We celebrated Jaye’s 3rd birthday. She had a wonderful day. Phil and I took off of work and spent the whole day with her doing her favorite things. She woke up to a rainbow door of streamers, which she loved, and balloons in her room, which was too intense. We opened presents and played with her new playhouse outside. Then we went to the zoo and later met my parents and sisters for dinner at Jaye’s choice of restaurant–Dream Cafe because they have a playground. She had a pink cake. And beamed and beamed as we sang happy birthday to her. It was such a fun birthday because it was the first birthday she really knew what was going on. Throughout the year, she’s seen us celebrate Mimi and Pops and Dada’s birthdays, and it was finally her birthday.

    • Phil started a new job. He’s now working from home, in a “Clo-ffice” (closet-office) off of our laundry room. He designed the space and I put it together while he was out of town for work. Pictures to come soon eventually. He works for a new company based in Minneapolis but with some of his old friends from Jobs2Web.

    • Jaye started a new school. She’s going to a Spanish immersion school. Honestly, it has been a hard transition for her. Much, much harder than I expected. The routine of the school is more set and structured than her previous mother’s day out. There are more intentional, academic activities. Oh, and the teachers speak Spanish. The first couple of days she cried at drop-off. Then she got used to it and didn’t cry. But stopped participating in any activities because she just wanted to sit with her blanket all day. We’ve been really encouraging her to participate and leave Blankie to the side. And she’s been doing better about that this week. Yesterday, her teacher told me that she worked very well (“trabajo muy bien”) and today she told me that she said, “Muy Bien” in response to the Good Morning, Buenos Dias song. It’s also been really hard on me to watch her struggle and do something so hard for her. I just want everything to be easy for her, but I know that it’s important for her to do hard things. And it’s really awesome to see her begin to succeed.

    • Phil and I celebrated our 7th anniversary. Thank goodness for Restaurant Week always coinciding with our anniversary! So we get an extra fancy night out!

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    • In August, we lived through 4 weeks of kitchen remodel. And it still wasn’t even done. Ugh. Stressful. And fattening. So sick of fast food and frozen pizza.

  • In September, we lived through 3 more weeks of kitchen remodel. And it’s still not even done. Ugh. Stressful. But the kitchen is finally operational! There are  some small details to finish up, but everything major works. We’ve been cooking and it’s awesome!

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